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Find 360

The dynamic relationship mapping tool that will transform the way you use Salesforce.

What is Find 360?

Find 360 is an interactive Salesforce relationship mapping tool that lets you identify, visualise, and explore relationships between the records in your Salesforce database.

The power of relationship mapping

Your relationship data provides unique insights into the behaviours, needs, preferences, and connections of customers and prospective business partners. When harnessed, these observations help you and your business to identify patterns, forecast trends, and tailor personalised strategies. However, the difficult and tedious nature of navigating large and complex datasets in Salesforce means that this wealth of information often goes unutilised.

With Find 360, exploring your relationship data becomes effortless, empowering you to discover the untapped potential in your database and derive actionable insights.

See how Find 360 can help your organisation!

Visualise the connections

Find 360 turns your static records into dynamic nodes. Our innovative system simplifies the overwhelming sequence of tabs previously required to view relationships in Salesforce. Start presenting the connections between your records in a way that is visually engaging and easy to digest!

Easy to learn, easy to use

Find 360’s intuitive system caters to Salesforce users of all levels. Our simple, yet effective functions take the stress out of analysing Salesforce data.

Straightforward configuration to suit each Org’s needs. Just drag and drop in your Lightning Page Builder!

A single click unlocks all relationships and connections associated with a record.

Hover over any node to view its key information.

Drag nodes to arrange your map exactly as you like.

Use Find 360 your way

Find 360 works with your custom objects, delivering relationship mapping that is directly tailored to your needs.

Why confine yourself to a desktop? Find 360 works on mobile devices.

Uncover insights

Find 360’s powerful analytical capabilities dissect the intricate web of connections within your database to deliver timely and valuable insights.

Forget the hassle of manual searches to identify relationships! Find 360 reveals multi-tiered relationships in seconds. 

Unearth relationships that you didn’t know existed, unlocking unique perspectives and actionable insights.

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Experience interactive relationship mapping for yourself

Find 360 is available on the Salesforce AppExchange.