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FAQs and how to set up Find 360 in your Salesforce Org.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Find 360 suitable for?

Find 360 has been made for everyone. From small businesses, not-for-profit organisations, to large multinational companies. Find 360 is an effective tool for any type of organisation, no matter how small or how complex your Salesforce dataset.

What type of data can I visualise with Find 360?

Find 360 works with all of your records within Salesforce, including custom objects.

Is Find 360 compatible with Salesforce Classic?

No, Find 360 is not compatible with Salesforce Classic as it is built upon the Salesforce Lightning platform.

Is there a free trial?

Yes, we offer a 30-day free trial!
Find 360 is provided through a monthly subscription. After 30 days of the free trial, the monthly subscription will commence. Therefore, you will be automatically charged unless you cancel before your payment cycle starts.

Getting started with Find 360

How to install Find 360

1. First, click on the Get It Now button from the Find 360 AppExchange listing.

2. You will be asked where you wish to install Find 360. Select install in Production (Live) Org or Sandbox, depending on where you want to install the app.

3. Accept the Terms & Conditions and then click Confirm and Install.

4. Log in to Salesforce. Depending on your Org type, use your Production or Sandbox user ID.

5. Select a permission option and click on Install. We recommend installing for all users.

How to set up Find 360 on a Lightning record page

1. Go to Page settings and click on Add Tab. Next, rename the tab with a custom label and click on Done. We recommend naming this tab “Find 360”, “Relationship Map”, or “Interaction Map”.

2. Go to the side bar and click on Components. You will see the Find 360 component under Custom. Simply drag and drop the component on to your tab.

3. Once you have added Find 360 to your page, you can make some customisable changes on the side bar.

4. Finally, click on Save. You are all set with Salesforce relationship mapping!

Need some more help?

We’re here to assist you!