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See how Find 360 can benefit your Salesforce Org and your organisation.

Find 360 for Sales


In today’s sales environment, teams face significant challenges when it comes to winning new customers or retaining existing customers. One of these challenges is not having a clear picture of your key customers and stakeholders, and how best to approach them. This, in addition to lack of valuable information being consolidated amongst your team, can cost you deals and emerging business opportunities.

Understanding this becomes critical when considering the best way to approach and address stakeholders involved in any B2B sales strategy. Sales leaders must consider this when planning how best their teams can approach stakeholders. Using relationship mapping to understand how to establish effective communication with them is fundamental to the process. 


Using Find 360 to visually organise vital information saves valuable time for teams that can be used more effectively. Find 360 lets you see the big picture of connections and relationships within Salesforce, making it easier to identify gaps that need to be filled or connections that need to be made.

Keep your team’s efforts aligned by sharing critical customer and stakeholder information, all highly accessible and reviewable from each Salesforce user account.

The majority of customers prefer to be assisted in-person, on the phone, or via live chat with a human customer service representative, and “71% of consumers would be less likely to use a brand if they knew that brand didn’t have human agents available.”

GS Customer Service Chatbots & Channels Survey, 2019

Find 360 for Customer Service


Maintaining brand loyalty is one of the biggest challenges for businesses when customers have access to dozens of options online. Just one bad experience can cost you a customer, but a reputation for outstanding customer service can put you ahead of the competition.

Whether interacting with an associate in-store or a representative at the help desk, customers expect a seamless omnichannel experience where they feel valued and understood as individuals. Therefore, your customer service team needs the complete picture when it comes to each customer in order to effectively address their needs and deliver ongoing customer satisfaction.


See the information in one place and decrease time spent on pulling up multiple records while the customer waits. Find 360 supports your representatives with a visual overview of a customer’s history and interactions. See the channels they prefer to engage, products they are most interested in, and their previous issues and inquiries.

Help your customer service representatives make the most out of your Salesforce CRM and existing dataset with Find 360. Understand your customers with a map of their activities and not only provide solutions to problems, but also make insightful recommendations and anticipate future needs. Build brand loyalty with quick, reliable customer service, and an experience that feels personal to them.

“Often organizations have an abundance of data but fail to use it when making decisions. In addition, there is increasing pressure to make accurate decisions and achieve results in less time.”

The CPA Journal, 2019

Find 360 for Case Management


There can be many variables and stages within the case resolution cycle, requiring input from different people along the way. What each organisation has in common is the need to resolve cases efficiently and achieve favourable outcomes for each case.

Case management is often a collaborative process that goes through different stages and can involve different people. There is a risk that critical information can be lost throughout the process. To avoid this, organisations need relevant case information organised efficiently, making it accessible for all teams involved in the case.


A CRM platform like Salesforce brings together all your information, and Find 360 is an essential tool for organisations to visually present information and important linkages within. This makes it easier for anyone involved in a case resolution to have a clear picture of the situation, enabling them to make the right decisions at the right time.  

Improving productivity through the use of effective tools such as Find 360 reduces workloads. Ultimately, more cases will be resolved in a timely manner.

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Experience interactive relationship mapping for yourself

Find 360 is available on the Salesforce AppExchange.